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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Babel 7.7.0: error recovery and TypeScript 3.7
  • Supports top-level await in modules (depends on support by bundler)
  • Supports TypeScript 3.7

Beyond post-install messages: npm adds support for package funding, @opencollect
A new package.json property called "funding" lets you specify a URL via which people can contribute to the funding of your package. npm install now mentions how many packages are looking for funding and npm fund shows more information.

Announcing TypeScript 3.7, @typescript
  • Optional chaining
  • Nullish coalescing
  • Assertion functions
  • Uncalled function checks
  • Flatter error reporting
  • And more…

Feature proposal: String.prototype.replaceAll, @v8js
If the first argument of the string method .replace() is a string, only its first occurrence is replaced. In contrast, the proposed method .replaceAll() replaces all occurrences of a string.

Tenko: parser for ES2020 with focus on specification compliance

Checking Node.js sub-dependencies licenses for usage and redistribution, @eclipseCodewind

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