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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

ESLint 8.0.0: better support for ES2022, automatically fix unused disable directives, new rule options, and more

Immutable.js 4.0.0: better TypeScript and Flow type definitions, all collections are now iterable, .toJSON(), and more

nvm 0.39.0: support for npm 8, better Windows support, and more, @openjsf

Meet Retool—The Fastest Way To Build Internal Tools
Most internal tools are made of the same building blocks: tables, drop-downs, buttons, text inputs, etc. Rather than building a tool from scratch, Retool gives you a point, click, drag & drop interface that makes it simple to build internal UIs fast. But you're never limited by what's available out-of-the-box - you can customize anywhere using JavaScript. Join companies like Amazon, Doordash, and Brex and start building your internal tools in Retool. Sponsor

Microbundle 0.14.0 [bundler for tiny modules]: support for Module Workers

The ultimate guide to getting started with the Rollup.js JavaScript bundler, @OpenReplayHQ

Sorting JavaScript arrays by nested properties

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