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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

The results of the “State of JS 2021” survey

Lead Frontend Engineer at
We’re looking for a passionate lead frontend engineer who is excited to create a product that will dramatically improve product people’s lives. Your work will focus on improving our technical architecture and developing end-to-end features. Sponsor

Yarn 3.2: yarn explain and more, @yarnpkg

Deno 1.19: vendoring (storing dependencies locally), permission prompt is default, files/sockets/stdio are web streams, @lcasdev, @kt3k, @crowlKats, @deno_land

Small team, Big plans: Hiring Kind & Curious People to Support Financial Identity
We're looking for Senior Engineers to join a small, highly experienced, well-funded team at Parallel Markets to help build the future of portable financial identity. We're remote-first and work mostly async, and we just raised a $7M Series A. Sponsor

What are wrapper objects for primitive values?

Comparing Node.js JavaScript to JavaScript in the browser, @css

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