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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

A proposal for type syntax in JavaScript, @giltayar, @romulocintra, @robpalmer2, @typescript
The linked article describes a proposal to allow type annotations in JavaScript code. At runtime, they would be ignored by JavaScript engines. At development time, they would be used by static type checkers to warn programmers about potential issues.

One of several upsides is that TypeScript code can be executed without compiling it first (similarly to specifying types via JSDoc comments). A downside is that JavaScript’s syntax becomes more complicated.

If you are interested in what this feature would mean for JavaScript’s and TypeScript’s ecosystems, you can read Axel’s blog post which collects various peoples’ thoughts on this topic.

WebGPU – all of the cores, none of the canvas
WebGPU is an upcoming Web API that gives JavaScript low-level, general-purpose access to GPUs.

Empty npm package - has over 700,000 downloads – here’s why, @BleepinComputer
A single hyphen is a legal npm package name. The package with this name doesn’t do anything interesting but has still been downloaded over 700,000 times – probably due to typos people make when using npm install on the command line.

Console-based debugging in JavaScript: beyond console.log()
Covers console.table(), and console.assert().

JavaScript naming conflicts: How existing code can force proposed features to be renamed
Sometimes the name of a proposed feature (method, global variable, etc.) clashes with existing code and has to be changed. The blog post explains how that can happen and lists features that were renamed.

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