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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Deep clone values with structuredClone()
deepClone() deeply copies JavaScript objects. It’s not part of ECMAScript, but now available on most platforms, including – as the blog post explains – Node.js v17.0.0+.

fetch() in Node.js core: Why you should care, @fusebitio
The Fetch API for fetching resources is another API that isn’t part of ECMAScript but still available on most platforms.

The blog post explains that Node.js v17.5+ supports it and why that is useful.

New JavaScript features in Safari 15.4: array.findLast(), array.findLastIndex(), .at(), Object.hasOwn(), @jonathandavis, @webkit

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Deno 1.20: deno bench, deno task, import maps in config files, and more, @DavidSherret, @undefined_void, @kitsonk, @deno_land
New features:
  • Subcommand deno bench for benchmarking (benchmarks are written similarly to tests)
  • Subcommand deno task for running tasks. Tasks are defined in Deno configuration files (deno.json, deno.jsonc) and similar to package.json scripts in Node.js.
  • Import maps can be specified in Deno configuration files (no need for the --import-map command line option).
  • TypeScript 4.6
  • V8 10.0
  • And more

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