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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Updates from TC39 meeting in March 2022
Stage changes for ECMAScript proposals:
  • Stage 1: type annotations; Function.prototype.once
  • Stage 2: decorator metadata
  • Stage 3: Unicode sequence properties for RegExps; character class set operations (union, subtraction, etc.) for RegExps; non-destructive Array methods (.toReversed(), .toSorted(), .toSpliced(), .with()); decorators (excluding metadata)

What’s new in Node.js core? March 2022 edition
Features that were added to Node.js in the last 6 months:
  • Deeply copying values via structuredClone()
  • Various AbortSignal features
  • Built-in fetch()
  • Importing JSON files
  • More Promise-based APIs

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Locale-aware sorting in JavaScript
Explains how to use string.localeCompare and Intl.Collator for locale-aware sorting of Arrays of strings – so that accents, umlauts, capitalization, etc. are handled correctly.

A built-in test runner is coming to Node.js and why you should care, @fusebitio
This is what tests for the new Node.js test runner look like:
import test from 'node:test';
import * as assert from 'assert/strict';
test('synchronous test', (t) => {
  assert.equal(1, 1);
test('asynchronous test', async (t) => {
  assert.equal(1, 1);

Making moves on supply chain security – with Feross & Socket team [64-min. audio], @MikolaLysenko, @nicknisi, @b0neskull, @feross, @JSPartyFM
Feross has been working on something big. He joins Chris and Nick, along with guests Bret Comnes and Mik Lysenko to discuss Socket, what it is, and its focus on the security of the JavaScript supply chain.

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