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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Node.js 18 introduces prefix-only core modules [pseudo-protocol node: is mandatory], @fusebitio
Node.js has supported the protocol node: for a while. Module specifiers with this prefix always refer to built-in modules, never to modules in node_modules. 'node:test' is the first core module where this protocol is mandatory, with more to follow. The post describes the upsides and downsides of this approach.

ECMAScript proposal “Change Array by copy”: four new non-destructive Array methods
The blog post describes the ECMAScript proposal “Change Array by copy” by Robin Ricard and Ashley Claymore. It proposes four new methods for Arrays and Typed Arrays:
  • .toReversed()
  • .toSorted()
  • .toSpliced()
  • .with()

Capture the Flag 101 Workshop: Solve your first CTF hacking challenge
Want to get started with Capture the Flag security competitions? Join Snyk's CTF 101 Workshop to learn how to solve web & pwn CTF challenges. Get live support and learn hacking tactics from CTF experts in the hands-on lab as you solve your first challenge. Register now! Sponsor

Javy: running JavaScript in a runtime on WebAssembly, github/maximebedard, github/jeffcharles, @ShopifyEng
[Quoting the repository’s readme file.]

Run your JavaScript on WebAssembly. Javy takes your JavaScript code, and executes it in a WebAssembly embedded JavaScript runtime.

Javy is currently used for the beta Shopify Scripts platform. We intend on supporting and improving this runtime in that context. Eventually this project should be a good general purpose JavaScript runtime but that is not the current goal.

Types as comments with the TypeScript team [83-min. video], @SeaRyanC, @nicknisi, @b0neskull, @JSPartyFM
JS Party: “There’s a new proposal in ECMAScript town to enable type annotations in JavaScript code by having JS engines ignore them at runtime. This has large implications and we’ve gathered two folks from the TypeScript team (Ryan Cavanaugh, Daniel Rosenwasser) to talk through them with us!”

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