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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Deno 1.21: moving away from type checking before running code and more, @DavidSherret, @lcasdev, @kt3k, @deno_land
The big news is that Deno is moving away from type checking before running code: The new subcommand deno check type-checks a project. It’s a first step towards a future where deno run doesn’t type-check anymore (unless you ask it to via --check).

Other highlights:

  • Uncaught exceptions are handled like in browsers via "error" events and reportError(error).
  • Several improvements in Deno’s Visual Studio Code extension
  • deno fmt and deno lint use caches to operate incrementally.
  • The API for spawning subprocesses will eventually be replaced by three APIs:
    • The high-level Deno.spawn()
    • The high-level Deno.spawnSync()
    • The low-level Deno.spawnChild()
  • Improvements for deno test: better formatting of user output, better errors and stack traces, BDD-style testing, mocking utilities, snapshot testing, FakeTime for time-related tests

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Node.js 18 is now available!
  • Fetch API
  • Web Streams API
  • Built-in test runner

Beth Griggs & Michael Dawson talk about the Node.js 18 release [5½-min. video], @mhdawson1, @rhdevelopers
Beth Griggs (Node.js release lead) and Michael Dawson (Node.js TSC Chair) talk about:
  • Node.js 18, the latest release
  • Its most exciting features
  • How you can help improve it before it enters long-term support (LTS) on 2022-10-25

Parcel v2.5.0
  • Web Extension manifest v3 support
  • Support for __dirname and __filename in Node.js targets
  • in expressions with process.env ('someProp' in process.env)
  • Bug fixes

V8: faster initialization of public fields, private fields and private methods in instances of classes
Before V8 v9.7, the initialization of public fields, private fields and private methods in classes was much slower than assigning to properties. This issue is now fixed. The blog post describes how that was achieved.

Test Anything Protocol (TAP) v14: subtests, pragmas and more
TAP is a standard text-based output format for test runners that enables custom formatters and other tooling. TAP 14 is the latest version – seven years in the making! Quoting TAP’s creator, Isaac Z. Schlueter: “The goal this time around will be to make small uncontroversial changes, which can step us into paving the paths laid by node-tap, Test::More, tappy, and many others over the years. There will be no innovation here, just cataloging what exists.”

New features:

  • YAML diagnostic blocks must be valid YAML and indented 2 spaces.
  • Subtests provide a way to nest one TAP 14 stream inside another.
  • A Pragma provides information to a Harness to control its behavior or configure it in some way. Each Pragma line represents a single boolean switch which can be set to true or false.

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