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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Node.js 12, the last non-ESM version, reaches end-of-life
The status of Node.js 12 is now end-of-life. It’s the last version that didn’t have ES module support from the beginning. We have therefore reached an important milestone in Node’s support for ESM.

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npm 8.8.0, @npmjs
New feature: --install-links locally installs file: dependencies (instead of symlinking them).

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Wireit enables more features for package.json scripts and runs them efficiently, @rictic, @43081j, @GoogleOSS
  • Use the npm run commands you already know
  • Automatically run dependencies between npm scripts in parallel
  • Watch any script and continuously re-run on changes
  • Skip scripts that are already fresh
  • Cache output locally and remotely on GitHub Actions for free
  • Works with single packages, npm workspaces, and other monorepos
Script definitions look like this:
  "scripts": {
    "build": "wireit",
    "bundle": "wireit"
  "wireit": {
    "build": {
      "command": "tsc",
      "files": ["src/**/*.ts", "tsconfig.json"],
      "output": ["lib/**"]
    "bundle": {
      "command": "rollup -c",
      "dependencies": ["build"],
      "files": ["rollup.config.json"],
      "output": ["dist/bundle.js"]

Building a JavaScript bundler
Christoph Nakazawa walks us through the steps of building a JavaScript bundler:
  • Efficiently search for all files on the file system
  • Resolve the dependency graph
  • Serialize the bundle
  • Execute our bundle using a runtime
  • Compile each file in parallel

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Introducing ShadowRealm, @rwaldron, @salesforcedevs
ShadowRealm is a stage 3 ECMAScript proposal for dynamically evaluating code (think eval() but better).

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