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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Passing Lerna’s torch to Nrwl, @nrwl_io
The monorepo management tool Lerna has not been actively maintained for while. A git commit on 2022-04-20 made this status official. But now there is a new development: Nrwl, the company behind the monorepo build tool Nx is taking over the stewardship of Lerna.

Which monorepo tool is right for a Node.js backend?, @goldbergyoni
Compares Nx, Turborepo, Lerna and workspaces (npm, yarn, pnpm) w.r.t. four layers:
  • Layer 1: Plain old folders to stay on top of your code
  • Layer 2: Tasks and pipeline to build your code efficiently
  • Layer 3: Hoist your dependencies to boost npm installation
  • Layer 4: Link your packages for immediate feedback

Four tools to efficiently manage your JavaScript monorepo, @BttrProgramming
  1. Yarn, npm, and pnpm
  2. Rush stack
  3. Turborepo
  4. Nx

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Meet Retool—The Fastest Way To Build Internal Tools Sponsor
Most internal tools are made of the same building blocks: tables, drop-downs, buttons, text inputs, etc. Rather than building a tool from scratch, Retool gives you a point, click, drag & drop interface that makes it simple to build internal UIs fast. But you're never limited by what's available out-of-the-box - you can customize anywhere using JavaScript. Join companies like Amazon, Doordash, and Brex and start building your internal tools in Retool.

Node.js 18.1.0: initial CLI test runner, @nodejs
Node.js 18.0.0 let us define tests via module 'node:test'. One downside was that we could only run tests by directly executing a test module. That limited us to running one test module at a time. This version adds the flag --test to the node binary that lets us run multiple test modules:
node --test test1.js test2.mjs # single files
node --test test/     # all modules inside directory test/
node --test some-dir/ # elsewhere: module basenames must end with '_test' etc.
The Node.js documentation has more information.

ESLint v8.15.0 released
eslint.orggithub/mdjermanovic, @geteslint
New feature: The no-underscore-dangle rule has the new option enforceInClassFields. If it is true, the names of public and private fields can’t start or end with underscores.

The triple dot syntax (...) in JavaScript: rest vs. spread
In JavaScript, the same syntax – triple dots (...) – is used for two different mechanisms:
  • Rest syntax is for receiving data.
  • Spreading is for sending data.
This blog post examines how these mechanisms work and why they are not operators.

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