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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

WinterCG: Community Group for web-interoperable JavaScript runtimes, @Cloudflare
“Today, Cloudflare – in partnership with Vercel, Shopify, and individual core contributors to both Node.js and Deno – is announcing the establishment of a new Community Group focused on the interoperable implementation of standardized web APIs in non-web browser, JavaScript-based development environments.”

The road to universal JavaScript
Stefan Baumgartner demonstrates that JavaScript platforms (Node.js, Deno, Cloudflare workers, etc.) are becoming increasingly similar w.r.t. the features that they support (see previous entry). For example, fetch() is now available on browsers and most server-side platforms.

JavaScript as a platform for containers
On Linux, we can use containers (such as Docker) for deployment. Ryan Dahl argues that the JavaScript sandbox is emerging as a container platform for servers. The previous two entries support this hypothesis.

Add 70+ refactorings for JavaScript to Visual Studio Code Sponsor
Write modern, clean, and concise code. With the P42 JavaScript Assistant.

5 ways to prevent code injection in JavaScript and Node.js Sponsor
Code injection is a specific form of broad injection attacks, in which an attacker can send JavaScript or Node.js code that is interpreted by the browser or the Node.js runtime. Check out this comprehensive guide on how to prevent code injection.

Meta Open Source is transferring Jest to the OpenJS Foundation, @MetaOpenSource, @openjsf
“Meta Open Source is officially transferring Jest, its open source JavaScript testing framework, to the OpenJS Foundation.”


“Jest joining the OpenJS foundation does not change how Jest is developed or released and does not directly affect developers using Jest to test their applications. Jest will continue to operate the same as before, with the project led by the Jest core team: Simen Bekkhus, Christoph Nakazawa, Orta Therox, Michał Pierzchała, and Rick Hanlon.”

A deep dive into esbuild, @SessionStack
esbuild is a web app bundler written in Go with a focus on speed. This blog post gives an overview of how it works.

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