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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Node v18.3.0 (current): util.parseArgs() and more, @nodejs
The highlight of this release is the new function util.parseArgs():
import { parseArgs } from 'node:util';
const args = ['-f', '--bar', 'b'];
const options = {
  foo: {
    type: 'boolean',
    short: 'f'
  bar: {
    type: 'string'
const {
} = parseArgs({ args, options });
console.log(values, positionals);
// Prints: [Object: null prototype] { foo: true, bar: 'b' } []

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JS Party podcast: logging and error handling [72-minute audio], @MikolaLysenko, @nicknisi, @b0neskull, @JSPartyFM
“Nick and Chris welcome back Mik and Bret to discuss logging and error handling in Node and JavaScript and the subtleties and intricacies that extend far beyond console.log!”

Monorepos in JavaScript and TypeScript
This blog post answers the following questions:
  • What is a monorepo?
  • How to structure a monorepo architecture?
  • How to create a monorepo?
  • Which tools to use for a monorepo?
  • How to perform versioning in a monorepo?
  • How to create a CI pipeline for a monorepo?
  • How to run applications decoupled from the monorepo?

Japa: backend-focused Node.js testing framework, @julien_rpt, @adonisframework
Japa is a testing framework that focuses on backend testing – e.g., no transpilation is required to use it. Features (quoting the website):
  • Test groups, timeout, todo tests and regression tests
  • Datasets
  • Test suites for organizing tests by their type
  • Assertion libraries with support for assertion planning
  • Ability to filter and run specific or only failing tests
  • Re-imagined lifecycle hooks
  • Multiple reporters to display tests progress
  • Great CLI experience with pretty diffs and formatted error stacks
  • Works with ESM and TypeScript both with zero additional setup

WebAssembly in the JavaScript ecosystem [31-minute video], @astrodotbuild
“JavaScript developers might be surprised to learn how many of their dependencies already leverage Web Assembly (Wasm) behind the scenes. In this talk, we’ll explore notable uses of Wasm in the JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystems and discuss the benefits of hybrid Wasm/JS tooling as opposed to fully native or fully JS solutions.”

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