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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Updates from TC39 meeting in June 2022
Stage changes for ECMAScript proposals:
  • Stage 4: Array find from last
  • Stage 3: Symbols as WeakMap keys
  • Stage 2: String.dedent, Duplicate named capture groups, JSON.parse() source text access
  • Stage 1: Faster Promise adoption, RegExp Atomic Operators
Additionally, the proposed Array methods .groupBy() and .groupByToMap() were renamed to .group() and .groupToMap().

Rome Tools 0.6.0
New in this version:
  • Formatter: output looks more like Prettier’s, performance improved by 20%–30%
  • Linter: a foundation and a few first rules now exist

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AbortController is your friend [aborting asynchronous tasks in JavaScript]
The AbortController API enables us to abort tasks that run asynchronously. This blog post gives tips for using this API:
  • The difference between controllers and signals
  • Using an AbortController to abort a fetch() request
  • Adding AbortController support to legacy APIs
  • Automatically removing event handlers via signals
  • Using the AbortController API for your own classes
  • Aborting useEffect() callbacks
  • Three static helper methods:
    • AbortSignal.timeout(ms)
    • AbortSignal.any(signals)
    • AbortSignal.throwIfAborted()

qnm: CLI utility for querying the node_modules directory
  • Interactive fuzzy-search
  • Match all packages with a specific string
  • Explain why a package was installed
  • Supports monorepos
  • Show when a version was released and what the latest version is

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