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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

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Ecma International approves ECMAScript 2022: What’s new?
New features in ECMAScript 2022:
  • New members of classes:
    • Properties (public slots) can now be created via instance public fields and static public fields.
    • Private slots are new and can be created via:
      • Private fields (instance private fields and static private fields)
      • Private methods and accessors (non-static and static)
    • Static initialization blocks
  • Private slot checks via in
  • Top-level await in modules
  • error.cause
  • Method .at() of indexable values (strings, Arrays, TypedArrays)
  • RegExp match indices
  • Object.hasOwn(obj, propKey)

Secretary General of Ecma International (host of TC39) Sponsor
The job opportunity of a lifetime: You could be the Secretary General of Ecma, helping run the international standards body which oversees TC39 (home of ECMAScript) and many other Technical Committees. If you can work in Geneva and love standards, please apply!

In defense of blocks for local scopes
Kyle Simpson argues in favor of using block statements to give a sequence of statements its own scope.

Build internal tools 10x faster with Retool Sponsor
Retool is a new approach to building internal apps: we’ve unified the ease of visual programming with the power and flexibility of real code. Drag and drop a form together, and have it POST back to your API in minutes. Deploy instantly with access controls and audit logs.

You don’t need void 0 in JavaScript, @p42ai
In JavaScript code, especially if it’s older, you may have seen void 0 being used as an alternative to undefined. This blog post explains:
  • Why void 0 is an alternative to undefined.
  • Why avoiding undefined made sense before ECMAScript 6.
  • Why that’s not necessary anymore.

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