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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Sneak peek at Ezno, a JavaScript compiler with type checking and type-enabled optimizations
Ezno is a JavaScript-to-JavaScript compiler. Highlights:
  • Planned availability: before the end of 2022.
  • Static type checking:
    • Performs static type checking with more inference than TypeScript.
    • Type annotations in TypeScript syntax are optional.
  • Supports JSX.
  • Optimizations:
    • Removes the Virtual DOM from React apps.
    • Enables replacing JSON blobs in server-rendered pages with incremental state hydration.
  • Has a Language Server Plugin (for Visual Studio Code etc.).
  • Written in Rust.

New book – free online: “Shell scripting with Node.js” by Axel Rauschmayer Sponsor@rauschma
Learn Node.js, npm and packages and use them to create cross-platform shell scripts.

ESLint v8.24.0 released, @geteslint
The highlight of this release is a new rule: logical-assignment-operators. It lets us either require or disallow logical assignment operators:
  • a &&= b is (roughly) equivalent to a = a && b
  • a ||= b is (roughly) equivalent to a = a || b
  • a ??= b is (roughly) equivalent to a = a ?? b

Everything you need to know about JavaScript import maps, @honeybadgerapp
In web browsers and some other JavaScript platforms, import maps let us map module specifiers used in imports to different ones (that are usually more complicated). That has a variety of benefits, as this article explores.

The JavaScript landscape is exciting again
This blog post covers:
  • Next-gen tooling: esbuild, SWC, Vite
  • Runtimes: Bun
  • Meta-frameworks: Next.js, Remix
  • Infrastructure: Vercel, Edge Computing (e.g.

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