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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Deno 1.26 Release Notes, @biwanczuk, @cjihrig, @davidsherret, @undefined_void, @kitsonk, @satyarohith_, @deno_land
Some of the highlights:
  • Improvements to npm support
  • Node.js compatibility improvements

I turned JS into a compiled language (for fun and Wasm)
Surma: “I wanted to run JavaScript in WebAssembly, so I decided to turn JavaScript into a compiled language by building a JS-to-C++ transpiler.”

How to write CommonJS exports that can be name-imported from ESM
// Can be name-imported from ESM
exports.namedExport = 'yes';
// Cannot be name-imported from ESM
module.exports = {
  namedExport: 'yes',

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