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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Turbopack: incremental bundler, optimized for JavaScript and TypeScript, written in Rust
A new bundler by a team at Vercel, headed by Webpack creator Tobias Koppers:
  • Vercel calls it the “successor to Webpack”.
  • It’s written in Rust.
  • Its architecture is focused on incremental generation.
  • It has built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX, CSS, CSS Modules, WebAssembly, and more.
  • It supports Hot Module Replacement and React Server Components.
  • Framework and tooling-wise, the initial focus is on supporting Next.js and Turborepo, but Vercel’s stated goal is for Turbopack to “work with all frameworks”.
There is also a 20-min. video on Turbopack by Maia Teegarden (Engineering Manager at Vercel).

Babel 7.20.0: Deno target and TypeScript 4.9
  • Support for TypeScript 4.9
  • Deno compilation target (e.g. to target older versions of Deno)
  • babel-loader 9.0.0

npm v9.0.0 released
Quoting the blog post: “Our goal with this major release was to standardize appropriate defaults and clean up legacy configurations where possible. We believe the changes made lay the ground-work for future improvements to the default npm experience long-term.”

Deno 1.27: major IDE improvements, @davidsherret, @kitsonk, @cjihrig, @deno_land

Of JavaScript ahead-of-time compilation performance [36-min. video]
Quoting the video’s description: “The common intuition is that only JIT compilers can handle [JavaScript] efficiently because they can rely on heuristic-based strategies that require having the program and the data on hand. But static (AOT) compilers can speculate and use heuristics too! To demonstrate that, we have designed Hopc, an AOT compiler for JavaScript [...].”

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