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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Is Turbopack really 10 times faster than Vite?
Quote: “Vercel did not include any links to the benchmarks they used to produce these numbers in the marketing materials or the documentation [for their new bundler Turbopack]. So I got curious and decided to verify the claims myself with a benchmark using the freshly released Next 13 and Vite 3.2.”

ESLint v8.27.0 released, @geteslint
Quoting the blog post on the highlights of this release:
  • The new no-new-native-nonconstructor rule protects against newing BigInts and Symbols, which would throw an error. The existing no-new-symbol rule only checks for new Symbol. no-new-native-nonconstructor will take the place of no-new-symbol in eslint:recommended in the next major release.
  • The new no-empty-static-block rule disallows empty ES2022 class static initialization blocks.

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