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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Prettier 2.8: improved --cache CLI option and TypeScript 4.9 satisfies operator, @prettier
Quoting the blog post:

This release includes improvements to the --cache option added in 2.7. A new --cache-location option has been added, and a bug that saved the cache even when --write wasn't specified has been fixed.

We're also adding support for TypeScript 4.9 satisfies operator!

ECMAScript proposal: RegExp flag /v makes character classes and character class escapes more powerful
Quoting the blog post:
The proposed new regular expression flag /v (.unicodeSets) enables three features:
  • Support for multi-code-point graphemes (such as some emojis) for character classes and Unicode property escapes (\p{}).
  • Character classes can be nested and combined via the set operations subtraction and intersection.
  • The flag also improves case-insensitive matching for negated character classes.

How to internationalize numbers with JavaScript
The number method .toLocaleString() lets us format numbers and currencies in locale-specific ways. This is one example from the post:
price.toLocaleString('de-DE', { 
  style: 'currency', 
  currency: 'EUR' 
}); // "16.601,91 €"  
For more information on this method, see its MDN documentation.

Complete rewrite of ESLint, @eslint
ESLint’s creator, Nicholas C. Zakas, believes that “it’s time for a larger rewrite. We are still stuck on implementing things like async parsers and rules because it’s difficult to plot a path forward that doesn’t cause a lot of pain for a lot of users. This seems like the right time to stop and take stock of where we are and where we want to go.”

What is a realm in JavaScript?
Quoting the blog post:

Due to the rise of dependencies-based development, the JavaScript ecosystem [...] is far more vulnerable to what we know as “supply chain attacks” – and the ability to create new realms in JavaScript is being leveraged to successfully carry out such attacks against web apps [...].

The realms security field is far from being properly addressed, and I hope to gradually fix that starting by introducing the first open source realms security tool – Snow-JS [...].

But in order for any of this to make sense, we must first understand what realms are [...].

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