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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Updates from the TC39 meeting in November 2022
Stage changes:
  • Stage 4: Intl Enumeration API
  • Stage 3: Set Methods, Explicit Resource Management, Iterator Helpers, Well-Formed Unicode Strings
  • Stage 2: eraDisplay option for Intl.DateTimeFormat, Async Explicit Resource Management
  • Stage 1: Mass Proxy Revocation, Intl era and monthCode, Intl.MessageFormat

ESLint v8.29.0 released, @eslint
Highlights (quoting the blog post):
  • The no-extra-parens rule has a new option allowParensAfterCommentPattern.
  • The prefer-named-capture-group rule now provides suggestions for some of the problems reported by this rule.

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Tips for typing import statements in JavaScript
Quote: “This blog post gives tips for typing import statements more quickly, including a helpful text snippet for Visual Studio Code.”

modern-errors: handle errors in a simple, stable, consistent way
Features according to the project’s readme:
  • Creating error classes
  • Setting error properties
  • Wrapping or aggregating errors
  • Separating known and unknown errors
  • Normalizing potentially invalid errors

Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem – one library at a time
Quote: “Most popular libraries can be sped up by avoiding unnecessary type conversions or by avoiding creating functions inside functions.”

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