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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

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We are taking our end-of-the-year break and will be back on 10 January 2023.

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Axel and Jowe

Explore the content of your npm packages with the new code explorer
Quote: “You can now view the content of a package with the updated code explorer directly on the portal. [...] The code explorer provides syntax highlighting for .js, .ts, .md, .json and other commonly used file types in npm packages. You can also view the content of any previous version of a package.”

Upgrade VS Code with additional code actions, mass refactoring, improvement suggestions, and more. Sponsor
The P42 JS Assistant adds over 120 automated code actions, refactoring suggestions, mass refactoring, and AI-assisted code documentation & explanations to Visual Studio Code. You can also analyze your GitHub repositories and get suggestions on your pull requests.

Vite 4.0 is out
Quote: “Vite is now using Rollup 3, which allowed us to simplify Vite's internal asset handling and has many improvements.”

Announcing Rome v11, @rome
New features:
  • TypeScript 4.9: satisfies operator
  • Optional semicolons
  • New lints: noExplicitAny, useFlatMap, noConstAssign, useValidForDirection
  • New lint groups
  • Linter suppression comments
  • Suppression code action
  • Import sorting

ECMAScript proposal: iterator helpers
The ECMAScript proposal “Iterator helpers” (by Gus Caplan, Michael Ficarra, Adam Vandolder, Jason Orendorff, Kevin Gibbons, and Yulia Startsev) introduces utility methods for working with iterable data: .map(), .filter(), .take(), etc.

Ecma International welcomes new members: Shopify, Vercel, and others
The new members are:
  • Indeed (ordinary member)
  • ServiceNow (associate member)
  • Shopify (associate member)
  • Vercel (small and medium sized enterprise member)
  • Osaka Metropolitan University (non-profit-making member)
What these memberships mean is explained on the Ecma website.

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