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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Publint: linting npm packages
Publint can either be used online, at, or via a command line:
# Lint your library project
$ npx publint
# Lint a dependency
$ npx publint ./node_modules/some-lib

Node.js 18.13.0 (LTS), @nodejs
Highlights of this release:
  • Node.js binaries can now access external dependencies written in JavaScript and/or WebAssembly. Previously, such dependencies had to be implemented in native code.
  • Quote: “The File class is part of the FileAPI. It can be used anywhere a Blob can, for example in URL.createObjectURL and FormData. It contains two properties that Blobs do not have: lastModified, the last time the file was modified in ms, and name, the name of the file.”
  • Node’s built-in test runner now supports mocking via a new API. You can access that API either by importing the object `mock` or via `t.mock` (where `t` is the parameter of test() callbacks).

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ESLint 8.31.0 released
Highlights – quote: “The no-underscore-dangle rule gained two new options: allowInArrayDestructuring and allowInObjectDestructuring. Both of these default to true to allow dangling underscores in array and object destructuring for backwards compatibility. Set them to false to check for dangling underscores in destructuring assignments.”

The year 2022 for pnpm, @pnpm/
  • Usage: download stats, docs visits, GitHub stars, new and active contributors
  • Feature highlights:
    • Supporting a symlinkless hoisted node_modules
    • Side effects cache
    • Time-based resolution strategy
    • Listing licenses of dependencies

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