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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Bun v0.5, @oven-sh
  • Workspaces in package.json
  • Resolve domain names via Bun.dns and node:dns
  • Sockets via node:tls and node:net
  • Support for node:readline
  • Custom headers in WebSocket
  • Improvements to bun wiptest (work in progress; compatibility with Jest continues to increase)
  • Support for the environment variables HTTPS_PROXY, HTTP_PROXY, and NO_PROXY

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Safer URL reading and writing in modern JavaScript, @BuilderIO
Manipulating URLs manually has pitfalls such as getting separator characters wrong, forgetting to encode, and accidentally adding whitespace characters. This blog post explains how the following two classes can help:
  • Class URL lets us get and set parts of URLs (such as protocol or host).
  • Class URLSearchParams (an instance of which is in url.searchParams) lets us manipulate query strings.

Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem – module resolution
Quoting the blog post’s summary:
Whether you’re building, testing and/or linting JavaScript, module resolution is always at the heart of everything. Despite its central place in our tools, not much time has been spent on making that aspect fast. With the changes discussed in this blog post tools can be sped up by as much as 30%.

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