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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

esbuild v0.17.5
  • Parse const type parameters from TypeScript 5.0
  • Make parsing generic async arrow functions more strict in .tsx files
  • Allow the in and out type parameter modifiers on class expressions
  • Update enum constant folding for TypeScript 5.0
  • Forbid definite assignment assertion operators on class methods

ESLint v8.33.0 released, @eslint
Highlight: “The no-restricted-exports rule gained a new restrictDefaultExports option to control where the default export can be used.”

Deno 1.30: built-in Node.js modules, @dsherret, @denoland
  • Support for built-in Node.js modules such as node:fs
  • deno.json becomes an import map.
  • Several changes to Deno APIs
  • deno fmt supports configuring semicolons.

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