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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

A shared and open roadmap for MDN Web Docs
Quote: “Mozilla, Open Web Docs and partner organizations met in London in January [2023] to create a joint roadmap for MDN, improve planning and collaboration, and cement a shared vision for the project’s future.”

Why sorting is harder than it seems, @gristlabs
Covers various topics related to the Array method .sort() such as comparator functions and them having to be pure, stable, reflexive, anti-symmetric and transitive.

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Bringing JavaScript to WebAssembly for Shopify Functions, @shopify
Quote: “[...] we’re adding JavaScript right next to Rust as our first-class languages for Shopify Functions (but you can still use anything that compiles to WebAssembly!). While you can’t deploy a Shopify Function written in JavaScript just yet, you can run the function locally on your machine and start experimenting right now!”

Free PDF download of “JavaScript Allongé”
Quote: “This book has been free to read online for almost a decade, and at one time you could download it as an ebook for free as well. However, the publisher now requires a membership subscription to download books for free, so I am making a copy free on my personal web site.”

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