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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

New versions of tools
Babel 7.21.0: inline RegExp modifiers, TypeScript 5.0, and decorators updates
Highlights (quoting the blog post):
  • Inline RegExp modifiers (Stage 3 proposal)
  • TC39, the committee that standardizes JavaScript, recently approved some changes to the Decorators proposal based on feedback from the TypeScript team. These are now supported by Babel.
  • TypeScript 5.0:
    • const modifiers for type parameters
    • export type * declarations
  • Experimental support for .cts configuration files
  • Source maps improvements

ESLint v8.35.0 released, @eslint
Highlights (quoting the blog post):
  • ESLint’s predefined recommended and all configs are now exported from a new @eslint/js package.
  • The no-constant-binary-expression rule now catches more cases involving the nullish coalescing operator (??).
  • A new version of the esquery selector engine includes performance improvements covered in a blog post by Marvin Hagemeister.

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esbuild v0.17.10
Highlights (quoting the release notes):
  • Update esbuild's handling of CSS nesting to match the latest specification changes
  • Fix cross-file CSS rule deduplication involving url() tokens

What’s new with Lerna 6.5?, @nrwl
Highlights of Lerna 6.5:
  • Idempotency added to the lerna publish from-git command
  • lerna run can run multiple scripts in a single command
  • New --include-private option added to lerna publish
The article also covers how to get started with Lerna and the future of Lerna.

Turborepo 1.8: workspace configurations, automatic workspace scoping, easier migrations
[Quoting the blog post:]

Turborepo 1.8 brings better flexibility and more control to your codebase by improving turbo’s understanding of your workspaces.

  • Workspace Configurations: You can now add a turbo.json configuration file in a workspace to override the root configuration in your repository.
  • Automatic Workspace Scoping: Global turbo now automatically infers your current workspace so that it only runs that workspace’s tasks.
  • Easier Migrations: Automatically migrate to new versions of turbo with npx @turbo/codemod migrate.

New versions of platforms
Node.js v19.7.0 (current): initial support for single executable applications, @nodejs
Highlight: initial support for compiling a Node.js module into a stand-alone executable (that contains both the Node.js executable and the module).

Deno 1.31: package.json support, @dsherret, @kt3k, @denoland
Highlights (quoting the blog post):
  • package.json support
  • Stabilization of Node-API
  • Node.js compatibility layer is now part of the runtime
  • npm specifiers are supported in remote modules

Libraries and technologies
Devalue: (de)serialization beyond JSON.stringify/parse
[Quoting the readme:] Like JSON.stringify, but handles:
  • cyclical references (obj.self = obj)
  • repeated references ([value, value])
  • undefined, Infinity, NaN, -0
  • regular expressions
  • dates
  • Map and Set
  • BigInt
  • custom types via replacers, reducers and revivers

JavaScript import maps, part 1: introduction
Quote: “In this first article, we will go through the background and basics of import maps and follow up with a second article explaining more details of import maps.”

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