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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Lodash replacements: code snippets that are roughly equivalent to Lodash’s functions
Quoting the page: “This is intended to be a complete catalog of all the functions that Lodash provides, along with a description of how one would go about doing the same thing in vanilla JavaScript.”

Detect and block JavaScript supply chain attacks Sponsor
Quickly evaluate the security and health of any npm package. Unlike a traditional vulnerability scanner, Socket can actually detect an active supply chain attack and help you to block it. Socket detects over 70 issues in open source code, for comprehensive protection.

Concurrent.js: load modules into web workers, access them asynchronously, @bitair-org

Concurrent.js dynamically loads modules into web workers. They can be accessed asynchronously from the main thread. Example:

import {concurrent} from '@bitair/concurrent.js';
const {MyClass} = await concurrent.load('./my-module.js');
const obj = await new MyClass('abc', 123);
const result = await obj.myMethod({first: 'Robin', last: 'Doe'});

Warning in readme: “This is an early version of the library and must not be used in a real project.”

Time for a change? Emerging cybersecurity startup seeks JavaScript talent Sponsor
Defendify is an award-winning, all-in-one cybersecurity platform developer, looking for a senior full stack engineer to join full-time. This is a unique and exciting opportunity as Defendify continues to rapidly expand its groundbreaking platform, especially designed for the non-enterprise.

quicktype: generate types and converters from JSON, JSON Schema, and GraphQL for many programming languages

Quoting the project’s readme: “quicktype generates strongly-typed models and serializers from JSON, JSON Schema, TypeScript, and GraphQL queries, making it a breeze to work with JSON type-safely in many programming languages.”

Supported languages: C#, C++, Crystal, Dart, Elm, Flow, Go, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, JavaScript PropTypes, JSON Schema, Kotlin, Objective-C, PHP, Pike, Python, Ruby, Rust, Scala3, Smithy, Swift, TypeScript

JavaScript import maps, part 2: in-depth exploration
Covers advanced import maps topics such as:
  • Validation of entries when parsing the import map
  • Resolution precedence
  • Limitations of import maps

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