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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

New JavaScript Features in Safari 16.4
JavaScript highlights:
  • RegExp lookbehind
  • Import maps
  • Growable SharedArrayBuffers
  • Array.fromAsync()
  • and array.groupToMap()
  • Atomics.waitAsync()
  • import.meta.resolve()
  • Intl.DurationFormat
  • string.isWellFormed() and string.toWellFormed()
  • Class static initialization blocks
  • Symbols in WeakMap and WeakSet

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pnpm v8.1.0
A minor upgrade to v8.0.0 (released two days prior) – whose most important changes were:
  • Node.js 14 support discontinued
  • Configuration updates: “Most of the configuration changes are related to peer dependencies. Most of these settings were implemented long ago, and we recommended them to users encountering peer dependency issues. The recently added dedupe-peer-dependents resolved many such problems. With these new defaults, pnpm will face significantly fewer issues during migration from other package managers.”
  • Lockfile modifications

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Announcing Rome v12, @rome
  • JSON file support
  • TypeScript 4.7 and TypeScript 5.0 support
  • Import sorting via CLI (experimental)
  • Configuration enhancements
  • VSCode extension: better control
  • More linter goodies

Import maps
JavaScript import maps are now supported cross-browser
Import maps are now available in all three major browser engines: Chrome’s Blink, Safari’s WebKit and Firefox’s Gecko.

es-module-shims: new ES modules features on top of basic modules support in browsers

[Quoting the project’s readme:]

With import maps now supported by all major browsers, ES Module Shims entirely bypasses processing for the 74% of users with native import maps support.

For the remaining users, the [...] CSP-compatible shim kicks in to rewrite module specifiers driven by the Web Assembly ES Module Lexer.

The following modules features are polyfilled:

  • Import maps polyfill.
  • Dynamic import() shimming when necessary (e.g. in older Firefox versions).
  • import.meta and import.meta.url.
  • JSON and CSS modules with import assertions (when enabled).
  • <link rel="modulepreload"> is shimmed in browsers without import maps support.

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