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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

JSPM CLI relaunch: import map package management tool, @jspm
The JSPM CLI generates import maps:
  • You can add packages to local import maps as you would with npm install.
  • The JSPM CLI respects package.json version ranges. The module specifiers for packages can be mapped to node_modules directories, arbitrary module URLs and Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers.

Vite 4.3 performance benchmark
  • Vite 4.3 is much faster than Vite 4.2.1.
  • Its performance is close to Turbopack now (sometimes it is slower, sometimes it is faster).

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Fast set operations via bigints
Quoting the Mastodon post: “If you ever have the need for high performance JavaScript Set comparisons, merges and intersections: BigInt has you covered! Provided you can assign an index to all possible Set elements.”

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