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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

The great renaming of MDN’s Web APIs documentation, @mdn, @openwebdocs
MDN changed their page titles from (e.g.) “Document.querySelector()” to “Document: querySelector() method”. Pages for static methods now have titles such as “Response: error() static method”.

SpiderMonkey Newsletter (Firefox 112–113)
Highlights (quoting the newsletter):
  • We’re working with the performance team to improve profiler support for JIT code.
  • We’re working on improving performance for popular web frameworks such as React.
  • We’re working on improving our implementation of modules. This includes supporting modules in Workers, adding support for Import Maps, and ESMification (replacing the JSM module system for Firefox internal JS code with standard ECMAScript modules).

Time for a change? Emerging cybersecurity startup seeks JavaScript talent Sponsor
Defendify is an award-winning, all-in-one cybersecurity platform developer, looking for a senior full stack engineer to join full-time. This is a unique and exciting opportunity as Defendify continues to rapidly expand its groundbreaking platform, especially designed for the non-enterprise.

Socket npm wrapper feedback update, @SocketDev
Quote: “We wanted to give and update on the ups and downs of socket npm that we have seen so far and what we are looking at to address them! These will mostly be technical but will try to explain some directions we are seeing to drive the product towards as well.”

What every developer should know about the Deno third party module registry


The Deno third-party registry is a place for Deno developers to publish their Deno-compatible ESM modules. It is in essence the Deno equivalent of the npm package manager.

The data in the third-party registry is used as content for the Deno Third Party Modules page. Each module on that page’s list links to a page providing module details including documentation, version information and source code.

Both developers who create Deno libraries and users of those libraries should know how the third-party registry works and this post will fill in that gap.

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