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The latest in JavaScript and cross-platform tools

Will JavaScript become the most popular WebAssembly language?
“Rising interest in using JavaScript to write WebAssembly is driving maturity in tools, while the component model points to polyglot programs.”

Deno 1.33: built-in KV database and more, @dsherret, @kt3k, @denoland
  • Built-in KV database
  • Flatter deno.json configuration
  • Fewer permission checks for dynamic imports
  • Improved Node.js compatibility: node:crypto, node:http, node:vm
  • npm compatibility: better handling of missing package versions and version mismatches

Learn how to build a custom reporter for Node.js’ new native test runner
Since version 18, Node.js has a built-in test runner. Its reporter API lets us customize how test results are displayed on screen. This blog post explains how that API works.

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