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This is an archive of past issues of our newsletter: News 2017-04-25: ES modules in your browser?, async code via generators, V8 snapshots, Node.js object streams, Collections for JavaScript News 2017-04-18: Babel plugin “modern-regexp”, retiring the Octane benchmark, reduce/foldl/foldr, Prettier 1.0, canceling promises News 2017-04-10: New RegExp features, bundling ES modules, fixing JS Dates, inline caches, migrating from CoffeeScript to ES6 News 2017-04-04: Illustrated garbage collection, fast JS for V8, bit flag arrays, observables in real life, getting started with RxJS News 2017-03-28: Accessing nested values, modifying V8, big O notation, imperative vs. declarative programming, data structures News 2017-03-21: Observables, better Dates, safe nested property access, <script nomodule>, V8’s Crankshaft compiler News 2017-03-14: ES2017 and beyond, Node.js streams, intro to Unicode, intro to parsers, parsing algorithm Earley News 2017-03-07: Babel 7, intro to WebAssembly, WebAssembly in Node.js, V8 history, parallel JS News 2017-02-28: Node.js 7.6: async functions enabled by default, Even with async/await, raw promises are still key to writing optimal code, I won the WebAssembly logo contest, Neutrino: build tool with presets, Snapshot testing the hard way News 2017-02-21: making ES6 fast in V8, stack traces, tool for reading JS code, visualizing algorithms, intro to functional programming News 2017-02-14: ES modules in Node.js, WebAssembly performance, destructuring, V8 heap size, games teaching programming languages News 2017-02-07: async functions, data structures, visual intro to promises, JS coding styles, lazy parsing in V8 News 2017-01-31: JS dialect for parallel programming, SystemJS 0.20, new RegExp features, ES6 detection, the Decimal type, News 2017-01-24: Introducing Riptide, WebKit’s concurrent garbage collector, Design rationale for WebAssembly [explains why they switched from AST to stack machine], Asyncing Feeling about JavaScript Generators [async generators], Master the JavaScript Interview: What is a Promise?, A Brief History of JavaScript News 2017-01-10: Say allo' to yeoman-generator 1.0, How to write a JavaScript package for both Node and the browser, node-es-module-loader: node executable with support for ES modules, Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript, Exploring functional JavaScript, All Videos from JS Kongress 2016 News 2016-12-20: Bringing Clarity to the Future of Node.js Modules [25min podcast], The truth about traditional JavaScript benchmarks, FlatBuffers: cross-platform data serialization library for performance-critical applications, Voca: JavaScript string library, Functional Programming Jargon News 2016-12-13: The State of Babel [past, present, future], Announcing TypeScript 2.1, TC39: A Process Sketch, Stages 0 and 1, Why use static types in JavaScript? (A 4-part primer on static typing with Flow), vscode-exports-autocomplete: auto-completion for ES6 module exports News 2016-12-06: The feedback loop: blog about tech, The magic behind styled-components [spoiler: tagged template literals], JavaScript Engines Hidden Classes (and Why You Should Keep Them in Mind), date-fns: modern JavaScript date utility library, Doing The Unstuck: How To Make Browsers Compatible with Web JavaScript [30min video] News 2016-11-29: pkglink: share packages between multiple node_modules via hard links, Math in V8 Is Broken; How Do We Fix It?, How to read web specs Part IIa – Or: ECMAScript Symbols, V8: Behind the Scenes (November Edition), The Fundamentals of Flow in 10-ish Minutes [video] News 2016-11-22: Introducing the module bundler splittable, turbo.js – massively parallel computations via GPGPU, ES6 is great, until it’s not, JavaScript — Observables Under The Hood, Coding math [YouTube channel] News 2016-11-15: TypeScript 2.1 RC: Better Inference, Async Functions, and More, Which IDE / Editor are you using? [discussion], 19 things I learnt reading the NodeJS docs, The horror of JavaScript Date, Advanced JS performance with V8 and Web Assembly [video] News 2016-11-08: ES6 Template Literals, the Handlebars killer?, JSCity: visualizing JS libraries as cities (in 3D), Design Patterns in Everyday JavaScript, Understanding the Node.js Event Loop, JavaScript Air Podcast: Brendan Eich on JavaScript and the Web Platform, Don’t get left behind – learn ES6 properly! News 2016-11-01: WebAssembly Browser Preview, babel-plugin-dynamic-import-webpack: transpiles standard import() to webpack’s require.ensure, Parsing JSON is a Minefield, Parsing in V8 explained, Book: Practical ES6 News 2016-10-25: Linux Foundation Unites JS Community for Open Web Development, npm v4.0.0, Async functions – making promises friendly, 3 cases where JavaScript generators rock (+ understanding them), The ECMAScript 2016 change you probably don't know, Get your -10% Special Ticket for JS Kongress Munich, Advertising on News News 2016-10-18: Yarn: A new package manager for JavaScript, Sustaining webpack for the future: Part 1, seamless-immutable: immutable data structures, backwards-compatible with arrays and objects, Post-mortem Debugging and Promises, How to be a compiler — make a compiler with JavaScript, Read up on ES2015 (ES6), ES2016 and ES2017 News 2016-10-11: The State of JavaScript 2016, Know Your Stack Traces, Fall cleaning: Optimizing V8 memory consumption, TC39 Meeting on September 2016, Write arbitrary JS programs with only six characters, Advertising on News News 2016-10-04: Node.js, TC-39, and Modules, Does ES6 Mean The End Of Underscore / Lodash?, Repository of historical JavaScript language references, Object.assign is pretty rad!, Variable and Function Hoisting in ES2015, Advertising on News News 2016-09-27: TypeScript 2.0 is now available!, promise-sequential: like Promise.all(), but sequentially, Writing Promise-Using Specifications, What every JavaScript developer should know about Unicode, Three useful Babel presets